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Submit your architectural plan, CAD model or previous design plans to our email [email protected]

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Step-by-Step Design Process


1) Provide Your Measurements Here

Starting out is quite simple! Send us your kitchen dimensions through email or this form.

@[email protected]

2) Connect With A Designer

It usually takes 1-2 business days to receive designer's work.
You will be paired with a designer after providing your measurements. Before beginning, the designer will walk you through the design process and any other requirements. Some people could request a design consultation. You will receive a design and price as soon as possible.

3) Get Your First Design

Average first design delivery time is 2 business days.
You will receive a 3D design of your kitchen from our designers. You'll get an estimated price as well as an overhead and perspective picture of the kitchen.

4) Changes Can Be Made Together With Your Designer

Average turnaround time for revision requests is 1-3 business days.
Your dimensions will be matched with a designer after submission. Every designer uses a different method. Some companies may give you a design and quote immediately away, while others will wait until they have more details before starting.

5) Purchase With Confidence

You can purchase the final itemized quote on our website or by calling your designer once you've found a design that you love and is within your price range. Depending on the cabinet line, shipping times will vary; check the listings for estimates.


To build you the ideal kitchen, our designers will take into consideration your spending limit, floor plan, and your lifestyle.


Front-end developers deal with the layout and visuals of a website, while back-end developers deal with the functionality of a website.


Our design representatives typically work from 8 to 5 on Monday through Friday. You can call us at any time during business hours if you have any questions.

Kitchen Design Help FAQs


Have Questions Still?

You still have questions about our RTA cabinets, Flooring, our process, or the necessary measurements? Give us a call!


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